Betting on nautical tourism, the Porto Superintendence and the City Hall built the Pier Itajaí Tourist Office, in Praça Vidal Ramos, Centro. With the construction of the terminal, inaugurated in September 2000, the goal is to attract passenger ships, as a way of increasing the tourist activity in the city and region.
The place is bonded and the structure has mooring and mooring dolphins, terminal passengers, embarkation and disembarkation platforms, administration facilities, rooms for the Federal Revenue and Federal Police and accesses, in addition to an entire infrastructure basic. It is the exclusive terminal for transatlantic passengers pioneered in Brazil
Usually anchoring directly on the pier - close to the center of Itajai.

City: Itajaí
State: Santa Catarina
Acronym: SC
South region
Latitude: 26º 54'  28" S
Longitude: 48º 39 ' 43" W
Altitude: 2m
Area: 303.6 Km2

Itajaí is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Santa Catarina, in the Southern Region of Brazil, 94 km from the capital of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis. It has an estimated population in 219,536 inhabitants, being an average city, it is the sixth most populous municipality in the state. 
It is located on the north-central coast of Santa Catarina and is part of the Mesoregion of Vale do Itajaí, on the right bank of the mouth of the Itajaí-Açu river. It has the 2nd largest domestic product gross and the highest per capita income in the state.
On August 12, 1833, the Parish of Itajaí was created. The movement for emancipation Itajaí policy begins in 1858. On June 15, 1860, the Vila de Itajaí is created. The first territorial loss of Itajaí was the emancipation of the parish of Blumenau, on February 4, 1880.